Jack & Billy Puppy Tales


Puppy tales follows two puppies, Jack and Billy, during that all-important first year of their lives. Two different approaches to training and socialising, and consequently two different outcomes. A delightful story with an important message for children of all ages (and a happy ending).




A great and non-confrontational way to get everyone (not just kids!) to work out what the best choices are for puppies.’


‘This will definitely educate both children and adults about the correct way to bring up a puppy. It belongs in the home of all dog lovers and anyone considering acquiring a puppy.’

Karen Tonge, Dog Training Instructor & Child-Dog Bite Prevention Educator

‘I started to smile after only four pages in when I realized the concept, which is brilliant. I couldn’t put it down and at the end, I could barely read for tears of happiness. This is a wonderful book.’

Dr Ian Dunbar

‘Jack & Billy: Puppy Tales shows in a non-judgmental and accurate manner the unintended consequences, both positive and negative, of differing approaches and styles to raising puppies, and the success stories and re-homing scenarios that result from each scenario.’

Niki Tudge, MBA, PCBC-A, CDBC, CDT


About the Authors:

Steven Goodall is mad about dogs and passionate about working with them and their families so that everyone learns to get the best from that amazing partnership. He has been working with dogs for the last eight years and in that time has become a fully accredited dog trainer with the APDT UK. He runs his own fabulous dog training business with his wife Corrin and their two dogs, Scooby and Penny, both rescues. Steve’s speciality is puppies and families and he has helped hundreds of dog owners to understand their new pup and how to provide them with a great start that leads to having a fun-loving, confident family pet. Steve is a keen artist and cartoonist and has loved creating the illustrations for Billy and Jack.

Sally Bradbury has worked with dogs all her adult life, from RSPCA kennel maid in her teens to founding and running her own very successful dog training business for 20 years. She was a founder member of the APDT UK. Over the years she has given a loving home to many dogs that didn’t get the best start in life. Her passion is helping and supporting new puppy owners with raising their puppy, to avoid the many pitfalls that result in so many youngsters being handed into rescue centres in their first year. She is now retired and living in Wales with her husband and numerous Border Collies.


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